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A simple and good day

Life is harsh and trying these days for many of us, so when you have some free time to relax and see about giving yourself a well-earned treat…why not?  I know I deserve such things, and I’m pretty sure you do too.

Personally, I like to make my free time to relax as simple and peaceful as possible, preferably in a spot that uplifts my spirits; such as a quiet woodland.  Though the latter may not always be possible, I strive to make my home a sanctuary (in and of itself) for me and my beloved dog, Sarah.

The Complete Sherlock HolmesHowever, it’s not just a question of where to relax, but also how to relax?  I like nothing more than curling up with my beloved dog (Sarah) on the sofa with a good book, a warm cup of green tea and some chocolate raisins.  Then I just let the stress’ of the past days fall away and loose myself in the cleansing waves of rich and engrossing words as my free hand intermittently tussles my girls fur, allows me to sip at the warm, invigorating tea or pop a tasty chocolate treat into my mouth.

But how do you like to relax?  Do you enjoy a good book?  Some music perhaps?  Do you share my love of peace and quiet?
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