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Self-healing with Herbs

Oftentimes these days we think of medicine in reactive terms.  You know, you get a headache or wind up with a bruise and you take a pill and/or apply a cream to ease the woes.  We also tend to think of medicine in terms of modern medicine, those artificially created pill miracles that solve all.

OK, sure…for some people it works.  But herbal remedies are 1000’s of years old and a damn site better.  What’s more, where modern medicine can easily cause problems with you, it takes quite an excessive amount of an herbal remedy to possibly risk a mild concern.

So why aren’t we all taking herbal remedies?  Who could rightly say?

Regardless we don’t have to miss out.  A little knowledge goes a long way…

The Herbal DrugstoreI’ve been studying herbal medicine on and off for over 20 years now, and I just don’t bother with a doctor when I’m down and out.  No, I have a small and informative collection of books that I refer myself too and then I eat, drink or swallow a concentrated herbal pill from shops that sell such things to restore by bodies equilibrium.

I was a bit jittery at first when I began striving to fix myself up.  But like your doctor, if you read enough, apply some common sense and caution and learn from mistakes and successes…you’ll become the best doctor YOU could ever hope for.

Nowadays I pre-empt bumps and bruises with the likes of stem ginger tea and cookies.  I’ll drive the midges away in the summer with feverfew oil diluted in water and sprayed over myself.  I’ll even pre-empt a cold or flu if somebody else is suffering in the house by taking some liquorice or echinacea to boost my immune system.

20 years later, I’m positive I’m healthier and happier than I ever could have been without taking such a pro-active approach to my health.  I know I’ll keep doing the utmost to keep myself in tip-top shape and health with the aid of herbal medicine.

But what about you?  Are you an advocate of herbal remedies?  Did you have a bad experience once?  Are you striving to learn more about how to take care of your own health, and the health of those you love?
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