Learning how to write

Learning how to write is both one of the easiest and most difficult things to do…but oh so rewarding.  The key advice I was given was to just simply write something…anything.  Do this every day and your skill at writing will grow, it’s true!

The trouble is when you encounter those days where the mind is drawing a blank and/or is uninspired.  OK, so whatever you write (likely a piece on your angst) isn’t going to be a masterpiece or something you may care to share with folk.  But it’s another vital step in learning how to write and overcoming that pesky bane of writers (“old hat” and novice alike); writer’s block.

Even NOT being able to write anything when you draw a blank is a learning process in and of itself to facilitate your future writing and enable you to combat such moments as you press on over the weeks, months…and dare I say, years.  So don’t worry about such things, you’re getting there with every success and failure, I promise you.

Such is the experience of this novice writer…

As you continue to write, you’ll notice a certain style come to the fore in your work.  For me, it’s one of simplicity and transparency in my non-fiction work and in my fiction work, it’s one of rich, descriptive text with (mostly) uncomplicated words that allow as many folk as possible to be drawn into my writing and carried away in the tales I strive to deftly weave.

What’s your style?  Don’t try and force one, just continue writing and occasionally look back at your work.  You’ll see a style was there all along, emerging more and more as your refine your skill of writing.

So, where do we go from here fellow novice writers?  I don’t know, for now I’m just refining my writing skills.  But why not try a course from the likes of The Writer’s Bureau, like myself, and find out…

Are you a novice writer or “old hand”?  Do you have suggestions on learning how to write?  Are you taking a course on writing or now intend to?
Please feel free to share your thoughts and leave a comment

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