Besting “one of those days”

Like I said yesterday, I’m not looking to share my woes on this blog…but I can’t help but wonder how folk overcome those times when it’s just “one of those days”.

I have one of those minds that won’t rest until I have a solution brought to bare on my problems, so perhaps I suffer more than most (emotionally/mentally) when resolving my troubles.  But I still think this the wisest of ways to resolve things.  Indeed, the more circumstances are in my control, the more readily I can bring viable solutions to bare…and I don’t have too many issues with such circumstances beyond the initial emotional/mental jar from my equilibrium.  I like a sense of equilibrium.

However, it’s when your fate is in the hands of another and a problem arises that I tend to have the most issue.  In all my years I’ve found no solution better than just focusing on a problem until a viable solution comes to mind, and applying it.  A sense of equilibrium is restored for all and life can resume.

But how do you overcome another standing in your way?  How do you resolve the problem when it is deferred until a later scheduled date/appointment?

I suppose you can only try and bring solutions to the proverbial (and sometimes literal) table, and try not to let it jar your sense of equilibrium in the interim.  Easier said than done, but sometimes such is life and such is the only means of besting “one of those days”…

But how do you cope when you have “one of those days”?  Do you agree with my thoughts?  How do you fair mentally/emotionally in such circumstances?
Please feel free to share your thoughts and leave a comment

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